Monday, February 23, 2015

Sleep Preaching, Daily Miracles, and Frisbee Golf

That's right, I preach in my SPANISH. Three times in the past few weeks, I've woken my companion up, preaching to someone. I've taught about the Family: A Proclamation to the World, the Missionary objective, and something else he couldn't quite maybe just twice, but still. That's a little crazy man. 

This week, I've stayed sick (don't worry, I'm finally feeling much much better), and I had to stay home most of Tuesday. I hate staying home, so the rest of the days, we would go out and work until I couldn't concentrate anymore, rest for a couple hours, and then go back out. Despite our weird schedule, I have seen countless miracles in these days. Just being able to go out in the first place is such a blessing, and even though we had to leave some investigators that weren't progressing, we found some awesome new contacts, so lots of great potential for this week

One cool experience, I was feeling sick, but feeling sicker of staying at home, so we went out to work. I was planning to visit one investigator, but somehow, it didn't feel right. I thought hard, and brought another investigator to mind. Laid both names before God in prayer, asking which we should visit, and I felt like the second name was right. We went there instead. As we're walking, out of nowhere step 7 or 8 dogs, all big, all barking and growling meanly. We stop and stand still until they finally just leave. We get to the house, and before we make it up the pathway to her door, 4 more dogs, all mean and barking...and they don't leave. Finally the investigator comes out and tries to hand back her books. She didn't want us to come by anymore, so we testified and left the books with her. I felt the Spirit and knew we'd done all we could. 

As we walked away, I contacted a woman in the street, the normal stuff; 'Hey, we're missionaries, we preach about Jesus Christ, have you ever talked to missionaries of our church before??' etc. She told us no, she had never talked to missionaries before, but then said, 'Can you come by on this day at this time? I live right here.' Of course! God couldn't have made it more obvious, He is with us every step of the way in this great work.

Apparently, we're going to see MEET THE MORMONS tomorrow!!! As a MISSION. Freaking out, praying this doesnt't turn out to be like the Frozen disappointment...But I have heard wonderful things about this movie, from members and nonmembers alike, and I am very excited. 

Today, we had our district meeting early, and then started throwing a frisbee around, with no point but to throw and catch. It somehow evolved into this huge firsbee mini golf game, using the chairs all over the church grounds. Actually, it was awesome, tons of fun. 

The church is true! I love being a missionary, because I can literally see the blessings people receive as they apply the principles God has commanded us to teach. God is so good. 

I love you all!
Elder Connor

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