Monday, January 19, 2015

Interviews, Jamaica, and Baptisms

This week was really good! On Wednesday, a youth in our ward accompanied us for the entire day! His name is Fernando, he's 17, and preparing for a mission. Such a stud, already a really good missionary! He's attended a lot of mission prep classes and really loves the church. He's gonna come out with us once a week! Boss missionary. 

This week, a sister in our ward got married! In preparing for the wedding, we were asked to make the jamaica (a really good juice that stains like crazy). We had a big trash can (clean, don't worry) and a giant spoon. We looked kind of like witches with our witches brew. That is, until one of the elders smacked the side of the can too hard and created a gigantic hole in the bottom! After that, everything was done as quickly as possible; one elder held his hand over the hole to try to staunch the flow, my companion and I ran for more sugar (we still hadn't finished mixing...), and the other stirred. After we got everything mixed, we emptied the can with pitchers into smaller, clean buckets. Saved quite a lot, and it tasted really good! Especially the stuff from the floor :) Just kidding haha. 
After the jamaica incident, we had interviews with the President, his wife, and the assistants. I loved talking with each one of them, I love them all so much.

On Sunday, one of the investigators from my old area called me and told me he'd been baptized on Saturday. So many feelings of joy and gratitude came over me, knowing that I had actually helped someone in my time there. I love being a missionary!

I thought of another spiritual analogy this week, again with lizards. Cool story, most probably already know, lizards have the amazing ability to detach their tails when in danger! If another animal tries to eat them and grabs their tail, they can let it go and escape. It's painful, and life isn't easy walking around without a tail, but the lizard survives and gradually grows a new one. This is a lot like our spiritual lives! We may have friends, a job, activities, etc. that are generally good things and help us. But when these things threaten to 'eat up' our time, our focus, or our spiritual growth, we must have the courage to 'let go of our tail,' and to do it quickly, before it's too late. It will most likely be painful, and life may not appear as easy right after, but if we place our trust in God and accept His will, we will eventually 'grow our new tail' (AKA, find a new job, new friends, etc.) that will be stronger and a greater blessing for us! Remember Joseph in Egypt; when faced with temptations from Potiphar's wife, he ran away, leaving his shirt, and then his position as chief slave in the process. But God blessed him for his obedience, and he later became Pharoah's right hand man, and saved a nation. God really does bless us when we do what He commands! 

I love you all! Have a great week!!!

Elder Connor
  1. Elder Antonio, Ferdenando, and I! 
  2. Elder Rosario and I on exchanges with Ferdenando! 
  3. (right to left) Elder Padilla, Me, Elder Palacios, and Elder Antonio. Elders Padilla and Palacios live right above Elder Antonio and I, good elders!

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